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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Paulina Prairie Cemetery

Paulina Prairie Cemetery

Sad Hill - Tread Softly

Mary Ann Gant
1922 - 2007

George Guy Rease and two unknowns

Born April 25, 1879 in Walla Walla, Washington
Died of smallpox on Caldwell's Ranch on
May 2, 1903 son of Dennison F and
Elizabeth Victoria Castel Rease
Brother of Frank A Rease and
Ella Lilly Rease Caldwell

Melvin Raper
1892 - 1914
Died in a tent of tuberculosis
Son of George M Raper
Brother of Dr Slick Raper

Unknown Grave

Born September 19, 1841 in Independence, Missouri
Died on October 15, 1910 of injuries sustained on a
cattle drive.  Husband of Laura Ann Cornwall.
Caldwell Father of Ralph Henry, Leander Cornwall,
Hurbert Gwynne, Julia Grace, Bessie Grover Hardin
and Don David Caldwell.

1909 - November 16, 1918
Died of influenza
Daughter of Grover and Jessie Caldwell

EMMA wife of
Died April 15, 1915

Eagle Scout Project
Cemetery Restoration
by Levi Strunk
 Troop 160


Paulina Prairie
Pictures from the cemetery, overlooking the prairie and the area around the cemetery.

It was interesting in less than 5 miles
we went from being snowed upon at the lake to a nice day.
We used the bench at the cemetery to have our lunch.

Paulina Lake Day Trip

We took a drive up to Newberry Crater.
At the overlook, we saw the next storm moving in to the Cascades mountains,
but could see Mt. Bachelor.

Snow at the lookout.

Paulina Lake and Paulina Peak Lookout

It was amazing to see how much snow and ice was still in and around the lake.

The road was only open to Paulina Lake at the closest point -
where the stream and Paulina Lake connect.
It was quite beautiful to see the lake with the snow and ice still in it.